Brawl Stars brings back Mega Boxes and more in new classic event

A hotly requested feature makes a return

Brawl Stars brings back Mega Boxes and more in new classic event
  • Brawl Stars is bringing back Mega Boxes! Sort of.
  • These new Mega Boxes will be exclusive to a classic-themed Brawl Stars event
  • Collect enough Star Tokens to get Mega Boxes, then trade them in for a new skin!

Supercell's shooter-battler is coming back with one of the game's most hotly requested features: Mega Boxes. But it's not just that, because two new brawlers are also on the cards, all unveiled in another skit-filled developer update which you can check out down below for more info on that and the addition of new game modes.

But of course, the main point is the return of mega boxes. These are, functionally, loot boxes. Or at least they were. Longtime players may recall that Brawl Stars removed virtually all loot boxes back in 2022, possibly as a bit of a pre-emptive measure due to all the furor around them at the time.

However, it seems that they've backtracked, sort of. Mega Boxes are exclusive to the new Classic Brawl event, and function as they once did, requiring you to collect Star Tokens that can then be used to acquire the boxes. Each has a set of random rewards, and acquiring enough of the mega boxes will also net you a new skin with the Sovereign Rico.

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Brawl back to the past

The return of Mega Boxes is sure to draw mixed feelings from fans. Fortunately, if you're a Brawl Stars player, there are also new classic game modes to enjoy (the classic modifier capping your brawlers at level nine, removing hypercharges etc.) and a host of new skins to enjoy. There's also the new unicorn brawler Berry and the crustacean Clancy, with a healing and damage-focused playstyle respectively.

It's definitely a worthy celebration of one of Supercell's most successful games, and a beefy update besides, so be sure to check it out!

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