Boomerang RPG: Watch out, Dude! to open for pre-registration

Boomerang RPG: Watch out, Dude! to open for pre-registration
  • Super Planet's Dude returns in their new title, Boomerang RPG
  • The game is set to release soon, with pre-registration now open
  • Super Planet is also offering tiers of rewards based on the number of pre-registered players

Developers Super Planet are set to release the latest game in the Dude series, following the hit title Missile Dude RPG with a new twist. Boomerang RPG: Watch out, Dude! sees the titular mascot character return, now armed with a boomerang rather than a missile.

And it's currently entering pre-registration, with a release likely to come sometime later this year. But what's a 'Dude' when it's at home, and what's Boomerang RPG all about?

Boomerangs will fly

If you haven't heard of Missile Dude RPG, we don't blame you. Developers Super Planet got a sudden, breakout hit with the game - which as of now has over five million downloads. It seems the developers are looking to capitalise on the game's sudden popularity with this new game, that now arms the cartoonish Dude with a boomerang in hand against hordes of demons. Players will slowly grow their abilities, collecting new weapons and fighting ever-increasing waves of enemies, offering a simple but engaging loop of mook-dispatching.

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The newly released launch trailer sees the titular character team up with a colourful cast of allies to dispatch demons in a dizzying array of numbers and projectiles. Super Planet boasts the game will feature an updated user-interface, new art and an array of effects that build on the previous Missile Dude RPG. With the Dude collecting new boomerangs to toss and learning more about his demonic opponents as he goes, to combat them even more effectively.

The Dude abides

The original Missile Dude RPG featured a similar gameplay loop to what Boomerang RPG looks to have. Players would fight off massive hordes of monsters while slowly accruing new, more powerful and more ridiculous weaponry. It seemed to owe a lot to flash games of the past, and if your cup of tea is exponentially increasing challenges and powers to deal with them, then Boomerang RPG might just be the game for you.

For those players who are excited to try it out, Boomerang RPG (as it's listed) is now open for pre-registration. Developers Super Planet are, like many devs now, offering gradually increasing rewards (seen above) with the number of registrants.

And if fighting off hordes of enemies is your thing, why not check out our beginners guide for the newly updated Plants Vs Zombies: Welcome to Zomburbia?

Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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