Blue Archive begins pre-registrations for the Summer Sky Wishlist event alongside revealing a roadmap until April

Blue Archive begins pre-registrations for the Summer Sky Wishlist event alongside revealing a roadmap until April

As we draw closer to the summer season, Nexon is set to host an event in Blue Archive to let players sunbathe under the shining sun with their favourite characters. This new beach-themed event, called Summer Sky’s Wishlist, goes live on February 22nd with pre-registrations already open. There’s lots to do and plenty of rewards to win. Nexon has also released a new roadmap featuring everything that will be added to Blue Archive in the coming months. Check it all out below.

Summer Sky’s Wishlist debuts an all-new storyline in Blue Archive that sees Sensei and the Trinity General School students take a much-needed vacation to the ocean-side. Players can get a taste of this summer vacation with a new swimsuit version of these characters available for a limited time. Pre-registering for the event will award everyone with some extra bonuses like 1,200 Pyroxenes.

Players can sign-up for the event through this dedicated website, where they must fill out the vacation request form by specifying their platform and email. A single person can only pre-register on one account. Registrations will remain open until February 21st, 14:59 (UTC+0). It's exactly like the forms you’d fill on a real field trip for school. After receiving all forms, on February 22nd, everyone will be off to Muigahama Beach led by the Trinity General School Justice Task Force. It is mandatory to finish all missions on the beach with Tsurugi and submit photos as evidence.

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Nexon has also released a roadmap covering all the upcoming events until April. Spring 2022 in Blue Archive is going to be enthralling with the Summer Sky’s Wishlist in February, Head Prefect Hina’s Summer Break and The Prefect Team’s Grueling Summer Boot Camp Training in March, and Playing Tag at Neverland and Make-up Class episodes in April. New characters like Mashiro (Swimsuit), Hina (Swimsuit), Shiroko (Cycling), and Shun (Small) will also be introduced. Finally, future updates will also add the “Assistant System” (Total Assault), Main Story Vol. 3 “Eden Treaty Part 2,” “Tactical Challenge” Season 2 (Field Warfare), and max level expansion.

It's quite the spring to look forward to. Download Blue Archive now for free on the App Store and Google Play and enjoy it all!

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