Blue Archive releases new update featuring reruns for the New Year and Cherry Blossom events

Blue Archive releases new update featuring reruns for the New Year and Cherry Blossom events
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While we may be entering into the Halloween season, Nexon’s Blue Archive follows a slightly different calendar. The popular JRPG is gearing up for a rerun of the New Year’s Rhapsody No 68 event that took place in August last year. With this, two new characters are introduced alongside novel storylines and QoL improvements.

The latest character to expand Blue Archive’s roster is Kayoko, a mystic-type striker from Gehana Academy. She may be dressed in an adorable kimono but is quite the formidable fighter with an EX skill that grants an amulet to a teammate other than herself for 40 seconds.

Take a peek at this Blue Archive tier list to see how these new characters fare against the rest!

She’s accompanied by another kimono wearer, Haruka. She is an explosive-type striker who goes to the same school as Kayoko. Haruka’s low self-esteem doesn’t stop her from obliterating enemies with her handy shotgun. Her strong sense of determination keeps her going, as does an EX skill that deals immense damage to enemies in a fan-shaped zone.

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Another returning event is the Cherry Blossom Festival Commotion which doesn’t have a deadline anymore. Nexon has also revealed that they currently have several events and questlines in the pipeline. The most notable inclusion is an epilogue for Phrenapates Showdown, which was the fourth chapter of the game’s main story final episode. It releases on October 3rd.

On top of that, players will also be able to participate in several new missions featuring six unique T8 gear types that make gameplay much smoother. Meanwhile, Blue Archive’s second anniversary is also approaching, meaning loads of celebrations are on the horizon. A livestream will take place on the 28th, during which the personal stories of players will be showcased.

Get ready for all the new events by downloading Blue Archive by clicking on your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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