Blue Archive's main story is finally concluding with the release of Chapter 4: Phrenapates Showdown

Blue Archive's main story is finally concluding with the release of Chapter 4: Phrenapates Showdown

A couple of months ago, Nexon unveiled the roadmap for the conclusion of Blue Archive’s Main Story Part One with the Where All Miracles Began event. It was divided into four chapters, three of which have already been released. It is finally time for the grand finale as the sun sets over Kivotos in chapter four, titled Phrenapates Showdown.

Blue Archive’s final chapter provides a heartfelt and fitting conclusion to the story as players reunite with their fellow students after a hard-fought battle. The game began with Kivotos under threat and the city’s safety will finally allow everyone to rest.

Over the course of four chapters, Nexon released a total of 62 episodes that aim to wrap up all loose ends and culminate the JRPG’s story that began back in 2021. The boss of the Allied Operation, Phrenaptates, stands between players and victory, and defeating this monster will unlock bucketloads of Pyroxenes, Secret Tech Notes, and Recruitment Tickets.

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The story may be ending, but it’s never too late to introduce new characters. First up is Koyuki, a Mystic-type Striker hailing from Millennium Science School, followed by Abydos High School’s Shiroko, an Explosion-type Striker. Koyuki’s ex skill sees her deal electric/fire damage in a circular area while Shiroko’s move involves attacking a single enemy based on her ATK stat.

If you're wondering how these two stack up against the rest of the characters, take a look at this Blue Archive tier list!

In addition, players can also participate in the Restoration Project D.U. Shiratori City event which tasks them with rebuilding the city after a lot of it was destroyed in the final battle. Doing so will earn them Credit Points, Artifacts, and event currency that can be exchanged for valuable rewards.

Where do you think Blue Archive’s story will go on from here? Download the game now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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