Blue Archive adds in a new version of the character Fuuka with her 3-star New Years variant

Blue Archive adds in a new version of the character Fuuka with her 3-star New Years variant
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The quite successful and fairly new gacha RPG Blue Archive has revealed the latest unit on its way to the game: the 3-star unit Fuuka (New Year). This new version of the character Fuuka comes equipped with some lovely new attire, adorned in a gorgeous yukata that is sure to wow you!

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Blue Archive has remained one of the more popular gacha games that launched in the past few years, offering up an interesting sci-fi setting mixed with some school academy vibes in there too. Combined with the top-down semi-auto strategy gameplay and a large amount of content and consistent updates, you’ve got a lovely gacha RPG on your hands.

And now, fans of the game will have the chance to get their hands on a new version of the character Fuuka with her New Years variant. As for why Blue Archive has been celebrating holidays earlier than they land, I couldn’t tell you, but I’m not one to complain about free content!

This new version of Fuuka doesn’t only come with a lovely new look, but also a new batch of skills. Her kit is clearly focused on healing and support, as her primary abilities place a damage-tanking barrier on an ally of your choice. While she doesn’t do any direct healing, that barrier is based on her healing stat, so all of her abilities combo into one another.

Her EX skill also seems quite strong, reducing the cost of an ally’s EX skill up to 50% and increasing their Crit DMG by a set amount for some time. All of those combined make Fuuka’s New Year variant seem like a worthy addition to just about any team comp you have going, so don’t miss out!

This 3-star New Years Fuuka will launch after maintenance on June 27th, so get ready by downloading Blue Archive for free at either of the links below!

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