Blue Archive's latest update features a new character Mimori and the return of the beloved Cherry Blossom Commotion Event

Blue Archive's latest update features a new character Mimori and the return of the beloved Cherry Blossom Commotion Event
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Nexon has just launched a content update for RPG Blue Archive. It brings back a fan-favourite event for everyone to enjoy, there is a new character to look out for, and of course, there are new and returning recruitment events and an entire treasure trove of rewards to collect.

Let’s dive right into the new heroine first. Mimori will be joining Blue Archive in the September update. She is a three-star support character whose position is in the middle of the squad. Her defensive capabilities are limited to a Light Armour but she can rain down hellfire on her enemies thanks to her Mystic attack time.

Mimori’s Basic Skill is called I Brought a Bento and it grants the ally with the lowest HP a constant healing buff for 20 seconds. Since she only has a Light Armour, her Sub and Enhanced Skills focus on improving her defence with the former increasing defence in a circular area every 35 seconds and the latter simply raising her DEF stat.

Finally, her EX Skill, Fresh Flower Viewing bumps up her offensive capabilities as it moves five characters in a circle and raises all of their attacking speeds. Mimori thus seems like a great bet at boosting the team’s attack and defence both. Her recruitment event will remain active until September 27th.

Blue Archive’s Cherry Blossom Festival Commotion was part of the game’s first-ever content update. It sees players clear the streets full of bullies, delinquents, and ninjas. The event makes its return with all its rewards that can be claimed once more, alongside extra goodies like 10 free Recruitment Tickets to gather as well.

And to top it all off, the Total Assault game mode will see the addition of a new difficult too. Players can now torture themselves at the Insane level that is only for those that seek a real challenge. Completing the missions will earn players Total Assault and Advanced Total Assault Coins that can be exchanged for items like growth materials and Azusa’s Elph.

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