Blue Archive adds new Kokona character in latest update and brings back the Playing Tag in Neverland event

Blue Archive adds new Kokona character in latest update and brings back the Playing Tag in Neverland event
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Nexon has just released an exciting new update for its popular mobile JRPG, Blue Archive. It is set to introduce a new student, Kokona, from the Shanhaijing Senior Secondary School. On top of that, a story event is returning with the announcement of an upcoming livestream.

Blue archive’s latest student is Kokona, who is a Piercing Striker character. Her EX Skill is called Great Job, and it allows her to regain HP for herself for any one ally. This is followed by gaining a Stamp of Praise. Players will be able to add this hero to their squad through a pick-up recruitment event, with the same being organised for others like Shun, Kirino, and Saya as well.

In addition to Kokonas' introduction to Blue Archive, the Playing Tag at Neverland story event also makes its return. It focuses on Shun, who desperately wants to be young again, and ends up consuming a potion that turns her into a small and mischievous child. As players progress through the story, they will realise all the trouble that is coming their way as they try to age Shun again.

Furthermore, a special live stream called Go! Go! Kivotos! will take place on March 24th, on the game’s official YouTube channel. It will feature a dialogue between developers as well as new digital merch drops, upcoming collaborations, and offline events that will take place over the course of this year.

Add Kokona to your squad and help Shun become normal once again by downloading Blue Archive for free by clicking on your preferred link below. For more information check out the official website. You can also follow their Twitter handle to learn of all the latest developments.

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