Blue Archive's Kivotos Halo Festival is now available with the launch of the Get, Set, Go! event

Blue Archive's Kivotos Halo Festival is now available with the launch of the Get, Set, Go! event
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Nexon has been revealing tidbits about Blue Archive’s Get, Set, Go! Event for quite some time now. The wait is finally over because the latest event story is now live on the popular JRPG. It revolves around the hopes, goals, and struggles of students taking part in the Kivotos Halo Festival. On top of that, players can also add three new characters to their squad.

Blue Archive’s Get, Set, Go! event was announced last month with a pre-registration campaign to go along with it. Those to manage to sign up in time will now be rewarded 1,200 Pyroxene and a 10 Recruitment Ticket. In addition, Cheer On! Arona’s Special Bonus is a login event which is giving away a bunch of freebies like 100 Pyroxene and a 3-Star Field Day Rest Tent.

Let’s now take a look at the three new characters being added to Blue Archive’s roster. Mari is a Mystic Striker from Trinity General School, and she makes a great support hero. She is capable of healing all allies in a circular area excluding herself.

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Then we have another Mystic Striker, Yuuka, a student of Millennium. Her EX Skill is also focused on healing teammates, using a slightly different mechanism. Yuuka moves to a designated location where she summons a flag and restores the health of three allies and herself.

Finally, our third Striker, Hasumi, also hails from Trinity School. Hasumi’s EX Skill is more offensive than her companions, dealing damage to enemies proportional to her attack. It can be further enhanced by 30% by spending two Costs. Players can add her to their squads right from the event.

Besides the three new students, a Total Assault Raid Boss joins Blue Archive as well. Goz can be found in Slumpia theme park and is a one-animatronic. What makes him so challenging is his large health pool and all the tricks up his sleeve.

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