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Blue Archive finally releases in China as Weilandangan

Blue Archive finally releases in China as Weilandangan

After almost two years of waiting, fans in China will finally be able to play Blue Archive as it releases under the name of Weilandangan in the region. Nexon’s chart-topping title originally released worldwide (almost), back in 2021. Since then, it has been updated a tonne of times with a plethora of content to enjoy. Players in China will have so much to do right off the bat now that the game is available on Android and iOS.

Blue Archive’s run until now has been quite a successful one. It first launched in Japan early in 2021, and its consequent success led to Asian and North American versions. By that time, the game was already a blockbuster in China on both stores and was also in the process of being turned into an animated TV series.

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While the game wasn’t available in China all this while, the interest among fans kept growing. Since the version’s announcement, the game has been ranked the most popular one on platforms like Bilibili and Tap Tap. On top of that, Blue Archive raked in over four million pre-registrations in just three months, with the promotional trailers being viewed more than five million times.

The important part though, is the gameplay. There’s good news on that end as well because Weilandangan will be pretty much identical to Blue Archive, in terms of the story and overall experience. Players will assume the role of teachers who create groups of students from various schools all across Kivotos and send them on thrilling missions.

Interested players can finally download Weilandangan for free by clicking on their preferred link below. The official website has more information, including everything that will be part of the new region-specific version.

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