Blue Archive's Business Trip! Momoyodou story event is now live with four new characters

Blue Archive's Business Trip! Momoyodou story event is now live with four new characters
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A couple of weeks ago, Nexon has opened pre-registrations for a new story event in the highly popular RPG Blue Archive. Titled Business Trip! Momoyodou will see players try to beat the heat and go on a splashy summer vacation that is naturally going to be ruined, forcing them to battle their way out of it.

In this new story event, players will join other fellow students of Momoyodou on their summer beach vacation. Here, things go south and everyone will find themselves in the midst of an evil plot that they will have to battle themselves out of. Loads of rewards are waiting to be won on completion of this conquest, including Pyroxene and other growth currencies.


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To aid players in this upcoming fight, Blue Archive is introducing four new students. Since is a summer event, all of them will be available in their swimsuit variants. Our first hero is Hoshino from the Abydos Academy, who is an Explosive Striker capable of boosting ally attack and explosive effectiveness.

Next is Chise, a Mystic Striker from the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy. She fires three grenades at enemies that deal damage in a circular range and stun everyone inside while also dealing additional damage proportional to her attack. Izuna belongs to the same institution and is again a Mystic Striker who does concentrated attacks on targets for 30 seconds.

Finally, we have Shizuko, a Mystic Special with an EX Skill that shifts four allies within a particular range to a designated location, where they are granted shields based on her healing. On top of all this, Nexon is hosting a few other campaigns over the next month. These will provide everyone with a bunch of freebies like Free Recruitments, Pyroxene, Advanced Activity Reports, and some other stuff.

Solve the nefarious plot and have a good swim by downloading Blue Archive now for free.

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