Blue Archive opens pre-registration for Business Trip! Momoyodou update with plenty of in-game goodies up for grabs

Blue Archive opens pre-registration for Business Trip! Momoyodou update with plenty of in-game goodies up for grabs
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NEXON has announced a splashy new update for Blue Archive, letting players experience a new narrative across the mobile RPG. Players can expect to receive bountiful rewards as well, as pre-registration for the "Business Trip! Momoyodou” event story is now open until January 30th.

In the latest update for Blue Archive, players can now splash into a summery vacation in the "Abydos Resort Restoration Task Force" story, which runs until January 31st. Wakamo (Swimsuit), Nonomi (Swimsuit) and Ayane (Swimsuit) will be joining the fray, and those who pre-register for the event can score in-game goodies such as 1,200 Pyroxene and more. Simply fill out the Beach Shack Employment contract on the game's official website to sign up.

Milestone rewards will be up for grabs as well, which include 10 Advanced Tech Note Choice Tickets and 10 Advanced Tactical Training BD Choice Tickets. Additionally, lucky fans can also nab 10 Free Recruitment Tickets by the end of the sign-up period.

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As for the three new students, Wakamo (Swimsuit) is a Piercing-type Striker who can deal a powerful Stun effect with her EX Skill, “Caledon Flower Divination”. It also deals damage in proportion to her ATK. Nonomi (Swimsuit), on the other hand, is an Explosive-type Striker with an EX Skill “Time to Cool Off!” that can effectively ignore delays between normal attacks. Finally, Ayane (Swimsuit) is a Piercing-type Special student that takes the role of a Tactical Support where she can unleash Missile Rain every 12 seconds.

That's simply scratching the surface of the meaty update here, so if you're keen on learning more about the new mini-game, the quality-of-life updates, and the January to March Roadmap, you can download Blue Archive on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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