Blue Archive's first content update of the year expands its story with two new characters, raids, and more

Blue Archive's first content update of the year expands its story with two new characters, raids, and more
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Last month, Blue Archive’s story continued with a new chapter in Volume 2 – Clockwork Flower Pavane. Nexon has now released the New Year’s first major content update with a new event story called A Revolutionary Ivan Kupala. It will see Cherino’s journey to regain her position as leader after the unexpected outbreak that took place during the Red Winter Federal Academy’s latest festival.

Cherino and Nodoka, both belonging to the Red Winter Federal Academy are being introduced with this update. They have very unique EX Skills and capabilities with Cherino being able to use her Piercing Attribute to attack enemies in a circular area, and Nodoka increasing the accuracy of all allies within that area.

By taking part in the new story event, players will obtain event coins like Cherenka Chocolate, Mustache Crepes, and Red Mustache Medals. These can be traded in the event shop for Eligma, Secret Tech Sheet, Juri’s Eleph, and more. Spending Cherino Matryoshkas to purchase Nodoka’s Eleph will allow players to add Nodoka to their roster.

To purchase everything from the shop, there’s a trick to obtaining more event coins as well. It's quite simple. Players must assign specific characters to their Combat Unit and they will qualify for some additional event coins! For example, using Cherino and Nodoka together will grant players extra Cherino Matryoshka, the trio of Izumi, Junko, and Fuuka will give Cherenka Chocolate, and Haruna, Akari, and Juri played together will award higher Mustache Crepes.

Blue Archive’s raid gameplay mode, Total Assault – Chesed (Field Warfare) will also remain active over the weekend until January 17th, allowing players to earn numerous rewards and character growth material like Pyroxenes, Eligma, and Artifacts based on their score. Since raids involve seasonal rankings, the greater the placement, the higher the Season Rewards. While we are mentioning the rewards, you should definitely use some of our Blue Archive coupon codes and claim some free goodies!

Nexon is also giving away 1,200 free Pyroxenes to everyone to celebrate the launch of their new story event. Play the “A Revolutionary Ivan Kupala” event by downloading Blue Archive for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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