NetEase's Blood Strike passes 30m downloads with over 80% of those being mobile

The new FPS has proven to be a big, up and coming hit

NetEase's Blood Strike passes 30m downloads with over 80% of those being mobile
  • NetEase's new hero-shooter is a big hit so far...
  • Blood Strike now has over 30m downloads worldwide
  • 80% of those are on mobile

NetEase's FPS Blood Strike has surpassed over 30m downloads. Using AppMagic data we found that 24.5m of those were mobile, with the lion's share, 22.2m, of those Google Play. The multiplatform hero-shooter has hit the number-one download spot in 15 countries, including the US. The massive number of mobile players for Blood Strike offers another huge signifier of mobile's importance to games like these.

Blood Strike, like many hero-shooters, puts you in the shoes of unique characters called 'Strikers'. Following the standard battle-royale format of games like Apex Legends, you drop into a map and fight to be the last player standing, using your Striker's unique abilities to help you along the way. The game released globally in March after already having three seasons.

Big on mobile, but not on PC? Where's Leo?!

Still, although mobile is a major factor here, Blood Strike is also available on PC. But the fact it hasn't yet gotten its hooks into that market is a big indicator of the differences between them. With mobile still lacking an Apex Legends-like of similar quality after EA made the bizarre decision to shaft development on the spin-off, Blood Strike may be stepping into the role of a AAA-esque hero-shooter battle-royale.

NetEase has been on a roll lately, taking advantage of gaps in the market that let games like Blood Strike really make their mark. And with Blizzard coming back to negotiate a new partnership, after the companies collaborated for Diablo Immortal, they must be pretty confident about whatever is coming next...

But there's a lot more mobile games on their way in 2024. For example, Valorant is going to be coming to mobile this is Blood Strike going to be able to stand its ground in the face of another big-hit hero-shooter?

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Iwan Morris
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