Battle royale Blood Strike announces season 3 and global release date

Battle royale Blood Strike announces season 3 and global release date
  • Blood Strike is set to release in March this year
  • Volt is an exoskeleton-wearing electricity manipulator
  • It has already soft-launched in some regions

Blood Strike, NetEase's battle royale shooter, has announced the beginning of season 3 and the proposed date for the upcoming global release. The hotly-anticipated FPS has already been released in some regions but will hit a global launch on March 24th, the developer has said.

Danger, Danger, High VOLTage

Season 3 introduces the latest Striker (player character) to Blood Strike. You'll be able to play as well-dressed gang leader Volt who boasts a cybernetic exoskeleton and the ability to manipulate electromagnetic currents, damaging enemies and certain devices in range. Season 3 will also debut some Lunar New Year-themed additions, such as the Dragon Ultra Stash enhancement and Dragon's Breath add-on for the Origin-12 weapon.

Volt is just one of many surprisingly stylish characters in the fusion of a modern-day military shooter and near-future cyberpunk that BloodStrike blends together. You'd be forgiven for thinking of some sort of vampiric influence from the name, but that's far from the case. Regardless, Blood Strike boasts a huge variety of mechanics such as parkour, zip lines, gliders, parachutes, wall-running and more to enhance the navigation of its enormous map.

NetEase also boasts that you'll be able to play either in a team or solo, with mechanics like resurrection letting you get back into the game even if downed. All in all, while it doesn't seem to be reinventing the wheel, Blood Strike looks to be an interesting new entry in the world of battle royales that have quickly become a dominant part of mobile gaming over the past few years.

We're definitely excited to see what Blood Strike has to offer when it drops in March of this year. But if you need something to tide you over in the meantime you can check out our list of the top battle royales like the OTHER mega-hit, Fortnite, on mobile right here.

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