Battlefield Mobile updates graphics after taking note of concerns from alpha testers

Battlefield Mobile updates graphics after taking note of concerns from alpha testers

After an alpha test earlier this year, the much anticipated mobile adaptation of the popular FPS franchise Battlefield is fixing up a few things that players have criticised. Specifically, the team behind the game has said that they are looking to adjust the graphics and make them more up-to-par with similar triple-A modern titles.

With the latest release in the Battlefield series being a bit of a mess upon release, it’s no surprise the developers of the mobile version are looking to make it as perfect as possible. After receiving a few complaints about the visuals from the alpha test participants, they are now looking to buff up the visual fidelity and make the game look far prettier.

This news comes courtesy of a prominent Twitter leaker who posted a few screenshots of the updated graphics. Compared to the gameplay that we’ve seen, it really does look like the developers intend to really make it look almost as good as the PC and console releases, as these images show a very detailed and well-polished picture, especially when compared side-by-side with earlier visuals.

While graphics may not be much of a concern for a lot of mobile gamers, a fair share of them now expect much more picturesque experiences with releases like Genshin Impact and New State showing what phones are really capable of, visually speaking. Especially in a game like Battlefield, which is intent on trying to truly immerse you into the, well, battlefield. The better the weapons, tanks, and armour all look, the more you’ll be able to lose yourself in the intense warzones that you’ll take part in.

If you’re looking forward to getting involved with Battlefield Mobile, you hopefully won’t have to wait too long, though we have no set release date yet. What we do have however is a pre-registration that can be found on both TapTap and Google Play. No word on an iOS release yet, but it’s a pretty safe bet it’s on the way.

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