Avakin Life: A few tips to starting your virtual life in style

Avakin Life: A few tips to starting your virtual life in style

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Avakin Life is a social virtual world where you can create a character and explore the game. Created by Lockwood Publishing, it is very similar to the defunct PlayStation Home, which closed its virtual doors back in 2015 after a seven-year run.

Ironically, PS Home had items you can purchase for your avatar and Lockwood was one of the companies that created these which included apparel and locomotions. They even offered up special events in the former virtual world. In fact, there were many fans that saw Avakin Life as a possible alternative.

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And after all of these years, AL is still going pretty strong and with mobile devices that are more powerful than ever, playing and exploring the game is a breeze. Here, we'll give you a few tips that can maybe make adjusting to the Life of Avakin a little easier

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Tip #1 - Head Into Your Profile Page

So, this feels pretty obvious but it doesn't always feel clear when you first hop into Avakin Life. There's a lot going on on your screen so it can be easy to miss. You might be wondering how you can change your name, among other things.

Well, the Profile tab on the top is your one-stop-shop for a little information. You can change your name and also select the type of music you like, a hobby you enjoy, and more. If making friends is part of the experience for you, then this is a good way for folks to see that. If not, then it's just fun to fill out.

You can also change your profile picture. Unfortunately, you can't use that one funny meme you saw online as a picture. You can only use your character's face but you can also get pretty creative with it too. This leads us into our next little tip for life in Avakin Life.

Tip #2 - Make Use of Photo Mode

Photo Modes have started to become a staple in gaming over the last four years or so. In fact, it's such a big thing that folks have made careers of sorts out utilizing photo modes in video games. Avakin Life is no exception of a game with this.

With Avakin Life featuring social areas and games, it's a great way to take advantage of its picture-taking feature. There are a nice chunk of places to explore so there is no shortage of opportunities. The nice thing about it is, as with other mobile games with a photo mode; your images can be saved to your mobile device, making it easy to share them everywhere.

If sharing images or making memes is your thing, then you can get creative here. And as we mentioned, there are a rich variety of locations, with new ones coming all of the time like the new "The Voice" space that was recently launched. The game has been out for a long time now, so expect them to keep things fresh, leaving you with plenty of snapping chances.

Tip #3 - Video Recording

This coincides nicely with the Photo Mode feature we mentioned that's in Avakin Life. There's a feature that you can set up where you can record your gameplay. Depending on the device you're playing on, you may already have a screen recorder feature.

However, not all mobile devices have a screen recorder. Also, it may be more convenient to use the in-game recorder as, once you set it up, you'll see a red, recording button right on your screen. It's really just all a matter of preference for those who have both.

But, as with Photo Mode, you can grab some nice little videos to share. Maybe a funny moment happened during a game, or maybe someone said something really silly or inspiring and you wanted to save it. Well, you can, and it comes in handy during your AL adventures.

Bonus tip: If you see a player rocking some cool clothes, you can inspect them by clicking on their username. From there, you'll know what the outfit is so when you go shopping, you can find it. This is a feature that I feel almost every game with customizable characters should have.


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