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Atelier Resleriana codes (April 2024)

Atelier Resleriana codes (April 2024)
Updated on April 16, 2024 - Checked for new codes

It’s common these days for mobile game developers to release codes that entitle you to free rewards on a monthly or even weekly basis. Mobile games in almost every genre now offer codes, and Atelier Resleriana is no exception.

If you want to get ahead without giving in to microtransactions, then check out this list of active codes for Atelier Resleriana below. Keep in mind that many Atelier Resleriana codes can only be used by a limited number of players before they expire, so don't hesitate to use them.

Active codes for Atelier Resleriana

  • AR666

We'll update the list as we find more codes so be sure to check back in later. There is currently only one code at this time. However, you can also help other players earn free Lodestar Gems by using their invite codes. Share your own invite code to earn free Lodestar Gems through April 30.

Atelier Resleriana characters in a library

Invite codes

  • hf3o5peya7jw
  • kcoo2qdba7xx
  • rzlybwyd5z3c
  • 478107469541
  • zwnzhw45rdgm
  • dli2adnl5awh
  • wzqz4uqnzoit
  • lepgteudico4
  • pcclbiy3q3vn
  • av4ssajly2th
  • k7opw7q5n263
  • kx4cq4wdhzzu
  • bywoxghh7uef
  • rwf3siuwfw75
  • hixgocgjaptk
  • ihiwaafraqrj
  • vzwk3ug77nnr
  • j54yprhzurd3
  • hbzpx7ku5lqv
  • v7nk43u7qcmf
  • uurkjac6luqd
  • lubfjwhefvzc
  • 5wmas6ibklqs
  • bdlcdrshzrci
  • obmytsp4oyks
  • o2sok6symkx6
  • ttsszcjbvv2m
  • tk4n76jotdsw
  • pjrzximmlnxx
  • s4q5dfevdo6n
  • zibj74mth5qt
  • mfdxgosy3ibc
  • lo7slm743i2m
  • ztjoh6o3jtb5
  • cpcmpkgv6sxm
  • s6qrycfbn3ex
  • wus3d6djbhvg
  • bhuvtndce4dx
  • 36vfki37mlvw
  • usomusomostx
  • mnfjmplf4fst
  • eceirwe5j5ah
  • 4nwem4t7u7yx
  • zik2rk35fb3j
  • att2awizpjiz

How to redeem Atelier Resleriana codes

To redeem Atelier Resleriana codes, tap the profile button, then tap settings. From there, you simply tap the codes button, type in your chosen code, and tap claim to get your free rewards.

Desna, Dreamer of the Future

Atelier Resleriana is an engaging mobile RPG with anime-style graphics. Featuring a story by TAKAHIRO, the creator of various manga, games, and anime, including "Yuki Yuna Is a Hero"!, it features tactical timeline-based combat.

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About the game

The latest addition in the Atelier Resleriana series, the game introduces a new protagonist. It also boasts beautiful 3D graphics and an easy-to-learn synthesis system. Atelier Resleriana is available on Google Play and the App Store. You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website. Follow Atelier Resleriana on YouTube, X (Twitter), and Discord to keep up with all the latest code releases.

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