If you're looking for a comprehensive Girl Cafe Gun tier list, below you'll find all the units currently released in the game, ranked. We've listed all of them based on their tier, but we've also made a reroll guide to give you a way to pull the best units when starting out.

Girl Cafe Gun is a bullet hell action gacha game, where you are in charge of a girl troop fighting off enemies and managing a cafe. What could be more entertaining than that? The game is set in a futuristic world, ruled by technology and AI. The contrast between the cafe (which is pretty normal) and the massive tech world outside is pretty big, making the game that much more enjoyable.

The Girl Cafe Gun tier list we've created will cover not only the characters, but also the weapons, and give you an idea of how to reroll.

What are the best characters in Girl Cafe Gun?

The best beginner units are meant to have a good and powerful kit that works great in PvE (for clearing mobs), but some units feel like they're specifically designed for PvP. Units that are listed in the S tier are the very best and are quickly followed by the A tier. The A-tier ones are good in certain situations but aren't quite as great as the S-tier ones.

We recommend that you also read our Girl Cafe Gun codes because you'll receive quite a few free rewards from them. We try to update these regularly, so make sure that you check back often.