Tencent’s Alchemy Star has been setting new records in the past few weeks ever since its pre-registration announcement. Just a month ago, the publishers made an announcement that the game had crossed 500,000 registrations on both mobile platforms. Now, they have announced the game has accumulated a million pre-registrations ahead of its launch this summer.

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Tencent has decided to thank players by providing them with a variety of in-game bonuses. This includes a special avatar, in-game currency and various other resources to help kick start their adventure when the game launches. 

Alongside this announcement, Tencent has released some more details. Now players can get a glance of what’s coming in the game before its release. The Alchemy Stars Express event now includes the Umbraton, Northland, and Rediesel Wrench factions.

The Land of Astra, which is found beneath the world’s surface allows the players to explore suburbs and beautiful mountains. In each locale, players can use multiple characters from different factions.

Regarding the factions, Umbraton is situated beneath Astra. People residing here are quite wealthy and cultured. The next area is Northland, located atop the mountains. The population is quite low but the denizens are powerful and intelligent in equal measure.

Finally, the home of the rebellious group, Rediesel Wrench is located in the deserts of Astra. This faction is popular and feared because it stood up against the Illumina Federation.

Alchemy Stars is now available to pre-register for both Android and iOS in specific regions ahead of its release on the App Store and Google Play.

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