Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a red hot MOBA that is made exclusively for mobile. In fact, it takes pride in being one of the only, mobile-specific games for the genre, hence the name "Mobile" Legends. Since its release, it has been downloaded millions of times, is super popular on Facebook Gaming, and it was one of our Pocket Gamer Awards nominees.

Two teams will battle it out in matches that can go fairly quickly. You can kill enemies and destroy turrets on your way to the goal. Your aim is to destroy a large contraption that will defend itself when you get near. It will take several hits to destroy, but once you do, victory is yours.

In some ways, I guess you can say that it plays a bit like Clash Royale, where your goal to destroy castles and collect the most crowns. The difference is that in ML, you move around and blast enemies yourself. Clash Royale utilizes cards for your attacks. But, aside from what we just mentioned, here are a few more things you should know about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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