Activision has cut ties with Call of Duty actor Jeff Leach after a series of sexist comments resurfaced online.

Videos of Leach, who played Ghost in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Mobile, were published online by YouTuber NitroLukeDX, which shows a few of the comments he has made over the last few years.

One comment was made towards Twitch streamer The Zombi Unicorn during a live TwinGalaxies show, seemingly making everyone else onscreen visibly uncomfortable. The video goes on to show explicit, sexual remarks made towards female players in a game of Call of Duty: Warzone.

We’ve decided not to quote Leach's comments but the video can be watched from the embedded tweet below.

Following this tweet, Call of Duty news site Charlie INTEL contacted Activision regarding these comments and confirmed that Leach had been dropped by the company.

“Sexism has no place in our industry, our games or in society,” Activision said in a statement given to Charlie INTEL. “Activision is no longer working with Jeff Leach. We strongly condemn these remarks. We are committed to delivering a fun and safe experience for all players.”

Activision has not said whether this means it would be recasting the character or removing him from the game, but as it was rumoured that Ghost will play a part in a potential Modern Warfare sequel it’s likely that a new actor will be cast in the role at some point in the future.

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