Skate City is one of the few extreme sports games on Apple Arcade. It's also one of the few skateboarding mobile games that feature customizable characters. In a classic, mobile style, the game plays from a side point of view, giving you a smooth, bite-sized look while featuring beautiful graphics.

But, the goal of the game is the complete many different challenges across a few locations including Los Angeles, Miami, and Barcelona. These challenges vary and are a lot of fun. From going for a high score to even running from the cops, no two challenges are the same. You can earn up to three stars based on your score during a challenge which will help you unlock new items and areas.

There's also a nice, Endless Skate mode if you just want to freely skate and enjoy the game's gameplay and lovely visuals while listening to the great, lo-fi hip hop it features. But, there's a brand new mode called "Pro Skate" and it's almost like the aforementioned Endless Skate, only, there are some slight environmental differences and you can't crash. Here are a few little tips to help you tackle Pro Skate.

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