Skate City: Three sneaky ways to achieve a good score

Skate City: Three sneaky ways to achieve a good score

Scoring like a ninja

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Skate City is one of the most highly rated games on Apple Arcade. It's a skateboarding game (obviously) that features a ton of mini-games for you to play. As you play, you'll be able to perform many tricks using your iPhone or iPad's touch screen. You can also use a controller if you wish.

There a few beautiful locations to skate in and each place has its own set of mini-games. You play the game from a side-scroller camera angle which is unique for a skateboarding game. It's also quite fitting for mobile screens, providing that satisfying, bite-sized view.

One of the great things about Skate City is the creativity you can display. Both sides of the screen offer a set of tricks in many different directions. The mini-games vary but one popular type involves completing the goals by getting high scores. Here are a few ways to help you achieve the best scores you can. 

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Utilize Your Manual Skills

If you've played skateboarding games in the past, then you know what a manual is and how important it can be during your skate sessions. Initially, it might be tricky to string together some combos, but the one excellent way to get one going is by manualing.

After landing a trick, you can perform a manual to keep the combo going. This is a great way to rack up your scores. Tapping the right side of the screen lets you do a manual. It can be tricky at first to go back and forth between tricks and manualing but you'll get the hang of it and find a rhythm.

Do Flip Tricks Often

It can be easy to wait for the right opportunity to perform flip tricks in Skate City. Well, when you're playing mini-games that require high scores, you're put on a time limit as you might expect. So, one way to quickly build up some points is by performing tricks very often.

This may seem like an odd strategy, but getting in those baby flip tricks before seeing rails to grind and ramps to jump off of can quietly help you reach the tricky scores. I'm not saying that you need to spam tricks, because if you do that, then you'll slow down.

But, if you can find a balance things out, you'll be in good shape. Hit a few tricks, pick up speed again, hit a few tricks (and any grinds you see), speed it up again, and repeat. There's no guarantee that you'll beat the highest score, but with regular practice, you'll become legendary.

Mix Up Your Grinds

Since Skate City has endless runner vibes to it, certain things like rails might come up when you least expect it. And when that happens, you'll end up performing the standard 50-50 grind on the rails you see. And initially, you'll probably end up doing these anyway.

But once you get more comfortable with the controls, you'll be out there hitting different types of grinds which can help you with your score. Doing different grinds require the changing of direction on your screen, just like when performing other tricks.

You just need to do an ollie and then quickly choose your direction on the on-screen controller to perform unique grinds. You'll get comfortable with these quick switches in no time. Mix things up, and you'll rack up some sick scores.

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