Skate City introduces the brand new Venice, Los Angeles location

Skate City introduces the brand new Venice, Los Angeles location
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Builtbysnowman’s hit indie darling Skate City has announced its latest update, which will see players take on the streets of Venice, Los Angeles, as they pull tricks off and look awesome while doing it. This new update introduces an entirely new location along with free skate and new challenges to complete, all amidst the beautiful backdrop of the LA neighbourhood.

In case you aren’t familiar, Skate City is a 2D side-scrolling simulator that allows you to hit the streets of various locations as you pull off sick tricks and face off against a variety of challenges that will require you to do certain things in specific locations, along with a very nice suite of customization options. Think something like the old Tony Hawk games or the aptly named Skate series, but wrapped up in a more digestible arcade experience.

This new location is based on a real-life hotspot for skaters. Venice, Los Angeles is home to many spots in the real world that see a ton of skateboard traffic, and the in-game version is equally filled with trick spots and places to show off your skills. From steep hills to grind bars to ramps galore, there are plenty of places to try your talents.

Venice is also no area for someone who isn’t quite used to Skate City just yet, as some of the jumps and other tricks you’ll have to pull off may be a bit mechanically tricky, so be sure you’ve grasped some of the more beginner-friendly places before you hit this one up.

In the meantime, if you’d like to give Skate City a try yourself, you can grab it for free as long as you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber at the link below! Give the official Twitter a peek while you’re at it for more information!

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