Skate City: Three things to know about the endless skater

Skate City: Three things to know about the endless skater

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Skate City is one of the numerous (I mean numerous) skateboarding titles that have graced our gaming devices across all platforms, including mobile. Skateboarding games hardly miss when it comes to being a blast to play, as some of the most iconic video games ever made are based on the sport (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Skate for example). 

But, Skate City provides a different kind of skateboarding experience. It plays a lot like an endless runner, making it perfect for mobile, as these types of games are extremely popular on the platform. This also means that the game has a "miniature" look to it, which leads to some beautiful and smooth gameplay. 

On Apple Arcade, Skate City quickly became one of the most popular games on the service. It has since expanded to other platforms. In this article, we'll tell you a few other things you should know about this street skating experience before ollieing in. 

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There's an Endless Skate Mode

Endless modes have become popular in mobile gaming and for good reason. There's always something pleasant about just continuously moving without worry. Well, Skate City offers this style of play as well, and it's as nice as you'd think.

Skating through the beautiful locations, and performing any tricks that you please is simply fun. No clock, no specific tricks to land, and no cops chasing you (that's actually one of the challenges in the game). Just you, and the open streets (and a few civilians).

After going through some challenges, this can be a great way to just chill out. It's also an excellent mode to practice your skills or test out your attributes. With it being endless, you can play this mode for as long as you like and you don't need to unlock it either as you do with some of the challenges.

Cozy Soundtrack

Skate City offers quite possibly, the most laid-back soundtrack to ever grace an extreme sports game. Many games in the genre tend to focus on a blend of rock 'n roll, heavy metal, and hip hop. Here, it's all hip hop, but it's lo-fi hip hop specifically.

Lo-fi are soft, hip-hop beats that are popular for folks who want to unwind but have some of the flairs that the genre provides. Late producer, J-Dilla was considered the "Father of Lo-Fi" and worked with numerous popular rap artists. His instrumentals helped inspire many of today's lo-fi beat makers.

But the soundtrack in Skate City is great and is perfect for the aforementioned Endless Skate we talked about earlier. No lyrics, just smooth beats. Each location even has a couple of its own tracks for you to skate to as well.

Solid Customization

As gorgeous a game Skate City is, it still may be looked at as a miniature skateboarding title compared to others in the past. However, it presents customization that is about as strong as most console and PC skateboarding experiences.

You can't change much of your character's appearance, but the gear you can unlock is pretty solid. From shirts to pants, shoes, and some shades too, there's a lot to strive for. You can also customize your skater's hair and such as well.

Of course, what's a skateboarding game without a cool, customizable skateboard? You can unlock new boards, wheels, trucks, and more. So, just like the other skateboarding games you know, Skate City provides rich customization as well.

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