Oskar Gabrielson, General Manager of Dice, announced today that a mobile version of their popular shooter Battlefield is heading for iOS and Android next year. Details are fairly scarce at the moment, but Gabrielson added that more information will be unveiled in the coming months.

Battlefield Mobile is being developed by Industrial Toys and has reportedly been in the works for several years. It will be an entirely standalone game from the other Battlefield title that is currently in development for PC and console.

That means it has been built from the ground up with mobile devices in mind, which is good to hear. Call of Duty Mobile has excelled because it was designed with touch screen devices in mind rather than simply porting a popular game over to mobile and hoping for the best. Gabrielson also mentioned that Battlefield Mobile will be a 'fully-fledged, skill-based experience'.

If you're unfamiliar with Industrial Toys as a developer, you might be familiar with their previous mobile games, Midnight Star and Midnight Star Renegade. The former came out in 2015, and Harry Slater enjoyed his time with it. Chris James, however, was not too impressed with the sequel that launched just one year later.

But five years is a long time in mobile development, and now there are a plethora of excellent shooters available on mobile, with Call of Duty Mobile chief among them. It's no surprise EA and Dice are looking to get involved.

Battlefield Mobile will presumably be heading to both the App Store and Google Play in 2022. There are no pricing details at the moment, but we can expect the game will be free-to-play since a vast majority of multiplayer mobile games use this model.

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