When you have a lot of gear to choose from, guides like these are a lifesaver. You don't have to go through each piece of equipment to test it, we made a list of the Best guns loadout in CoD Mobile!

With an eSports tournament and competition fiercer than ever, there’s never been a better time to jump into Call of Duty: Mobile. There are seasons that feature new operators to play as and maps to take down your enemies in, and the most recent one has new Scorestreaks and weapons unlocked in the free tier of the Battle Pass. Season 2 recently launched, and with it came the insanely fast AS VAL assault rifle.

While it’s more about the skill of the player and not necessarily the gear, it can certainly help to have a leg up on your opponents in Call of Duty Mobile. If you’re looking to raise your rank quickly and beat anyone who stands in your way, it’s good to have the best guns in CoD Mobile for the job, as well as the rest of the equipment.

Equipping your CoD Mobile loadout

As you play through the game’s tutorial lessons, they will provide you with a set loadout for the duration of the guided mission. Once you get the tutorial out of the way, you’ll be able to equip your first primary, the M4 assault rifle, through the Multiplayer Loadout menu found on the main screen. You’re not going to begin the game with an assortment of scopes, grenades, or even secondary weapons, you’ll need to earn those by playing the game.

best guns in CoD Mobile

At certain levels, as you level up, you’ll unlock weapons and additional perks. Make sure you go back and equip what you’ve earned, as most players you’re fighting against will have already done so.

Since you have to wait until level 2 before you even get the basic frag grenade, it’s a good idea to get a feel for the primary weapon and use plenty of cover to ensure you catch your foes unexpectedly.

Picking the best weapon in Cod Mobile

Beyond having the best guns loadout in CoD Mobile, it’s good to know which ones work well together. Setting up your loadout will be determined by how you prefer to play, whether it’s using a sniper rifle to pick players off from a distance or going heavy as you run straight at them, letting bullets fly. The following is a list of the top five best guns for ranked multiplayer matches by rank, as of Season 2, and you can use this list to judge how you should focus your loadout to best accommodate your playstyle.

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