Core Defense is an upcoming addition to the tower defence and strategy genre that's been developed by ehmprah, a Berlin based indie developer. The game is currently in the beta testing phase and is scheduled to release globally on the 21st of April.

It combines deckbuilding and roguelike features to add a little more intrigue to a fairly crowded genre. To retain players and get them hooked on the game, it continuously rewards them whilst increasing the difficulty as they progress.

With easier gameplay mechanics and controls, the game needs no tutorials to start with. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to get started and join the run. On top of that, it allows the player to pause the game by saving the progress whenever they want.

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Players will need to make sure they master every skill in the lower levels so that it will remain useful throughout. Though the game significantly scales the level of difficulty making it harder to master the higher stages. However, rewards will also become better the further players progress.

During the run, be creative by deploying different tactics and playstyles. The game will provide you with ample opportunities to carry out different tactics and hone your skills. All the while, there are dozens of achievements and awards to unlock. 

Keep pictorial proof of your achievements and share them with your friends with an in-game feature. If you want to take part in the endless mode or run in the 20+ levels to test your skills, then the premium purchase may be of interest to you.

In addition, unlock the mastery expansion to grab the mastery points to spend on various bonuses available and make things more interesting with 10 supercharge modes.

Core Defense is now available for Android on Google Play and for iOS via the TestFlight app. Currently, the game is available in open beta and will be released officially on April 21st.

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