It seems with every new release of the latest and greatest mobile devices, we get closer to being able to have current or last generation console-quality in our hands. Considering where the platform came from, that’s sincerely impressive. Developers are getting smarter and more versatile with development platforms such as Unity and Unreal offering engines that are widely scalable to fit the needs of the project.

Indie developers have often been presented the best opportunities to port over their games, as most are stylized and find purchase in their retro-like graphics or mechanics that are tremendously scalable. There have been countless success stories from teams who make their big-screen games portable and while it’s an arduous process, it often revitalises the game for a new audience, thirsty for something new and innovative to play.

Games that are better to play on mobile than on PC? That's possible?

With all of that being said, there are console and PC games on these devices that are doing well and showcasing how proper ports are accomplished. These games are paving the way for other devs to learn from their successes — and failures — and helping each other understand the market and what is needed to survive on mobile platforms. A quality game can be great, regardless of the platform.

In these cases, the mobile version can actually be better than the console version, due to pricing options and the ease of using a touchscreen instead of sticks and buttons. Portability is also a key feature, giving you the option to tuck one of your favourite games in your pocket or bag instead of lugging your console or PC around.

We believe the following ten games are better on mobile than on PC or console.