Catching underwater critters is one of the many delights for fans of old-school JRPGs, hence this Another Eden Fishing Guide! While you can certainly spend all your time kicking bad guys’ butts and helping nearby towns with their various subquests and monster problems, fetching stuff isn’t all the game offers, you can also just forget your problems and go fishing all day, but even that can be stressful if you have no idea where to start.

So, to make sure you’re fully prepared for a long and arduous test of patience out at sea, here are the basics of reeling ‘em in like a pro:

How to unlock Another Eden fishing?

Unlike in other gacha games on mobile out there where you can just breeze through the main campaign with auto-fights and skips, Another Eden quests aren’t as easily accessible. You have to play through the main story diligently, and you can’t get by without grinding to level up your characters properly and giving them a fighting chance on the battlefield.

Simply going from one town to another without stopping to grind guarantees you’ll be a sitting duck out there. And if you’re thinking you can just pull the best top-tier characters from the Dreams list of heroes, it’s not that easy either - especially for free-to-play players. It takes a while to get to 1,000 Chronos Stones - apart from progressing through the main story, you need to accept side quests to speed things up a bit.

That said, Another Eden fishing will only pop up after you clear Chapter 11 of the main campaign. Once you do, you’ll get access to the side quest titled “1000 Year Ark of the Ocean Palace”. Here, you’ll bump into an old man on the beach who will introduce you to the wonderful world of fishing. He’ll also give you a tutorial on the basics, which bring us to our next point.

Another Eden fishing

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