Epic Seven, the mobile role-playing game from Smilegate Megaport, has received a new update which adds a new hero called Eda and a side story called Seeds of Misfortune. The update is now available across iOS and Android devices.

Eda is a half-Shadow Elf with traumatic memories of her childhood, who makes her dreams come true when she becomes a wizard in Lefundos. If you'd like to check how well Eda is doing in the current version of Epic Seven, consult our tier list!

She has two area-of-effect skills, which are capable of increasing the Combat Readiness of allies and decreasing that of enemies. This allows her to aid her allies in taking more turns before the enemies do. She also has a third skill, Absolute Zero, which has a high chance to stun all enemies and preventing them from acting.

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Meanwhile, Eda’s side story is called Seeds of Misfortune and is playable with the latest Epic Seven update. It provides you with the opportunity to experience Eda’s life story and discover more about the hardships she overcomes to become one of the most powerful magical beings of the Wizard’s Spire in Lefundos.

You will obtain numerous rewards for playing through this story too, including Catalysts, a MolaGora Seed, and Covenant Bookmark. They are available to purchase from the Side Story exchange.

The Seeds of Misfortune side story is available to play in Epic Seven until 25th March, after which it will be removed from the game. So if you fancy checking out Eda’s backstory, be sure to play this slice of the game some time in the next two weeks.

You can download Epic Seven now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a free to play title containing in-app purchases.

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