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Epic Seven announces two tournaments, Conqueror’s Cup and Commander’s Cup that will be joined by its Orbis Caster Clash winners

Epic Seven announces two tournaments, Conqueror’s Cup and Commander’s Cup that will be joined by its Orbis Caster Clash winners
| Epic Seven

Smilegate Megaport announced that its global hit mobile RPG “Epic Seven” - served by Smilegate Megaport and developed by Super Creative - is literally providing its fans with more reasons to cheer next week, as the six finalists of the Orbis Caster Clash get set to throw down for the right to join the commentary team for Epic Seven’s upcoming Amazon Tournaments.

On 8th April, casting talents: DivineFaker, ProfBoi, Lucent Azure, Tsuzumiya, Valky, and FartPancakes will face off against each other in a unique set of casting challenges to determine which two are the best choices for Play-By-Play Commentator and Colour Commentator. If it were based on names alone, we’d make FartPancakes a dead cert to be crowned one of the winners, but an on-air persona requires a lot more than an amusing handle, and no one knows that better than the contests three judges: professional esports casters IHOLDSHIFT, Falloutt and Epic Seven’s Community Manager “Mashuu”.

As mentioned above, the two winners will be joining the casting team for the Epic Seven Amazon Tournament by Amazon Appstore - a community based tournament involving 256 players that have the rank of either Gold or Master. Winners of the tournament will be rewarded handsomely with Amazon Coins, Epic Seven in-game items and physical merch.

Registration will begin on 9th April and will run until 16th April, with the tournament itself scheduled to take place nearer the end of the month, on 29th April.

Epic Seven is also planning a second Amazon Tournament for 3rd June where another 256 participants will compete for top honors. Registration will be at a later date and will feature those from Challenger and Champion rank, so you have plenty of time to get your skills up to snuff.

Besides the regular community events and tournaments, Epic Seven offers plenty of reasons for joining the popular JRPG, which has been winning fans with its sublime visuals and stylish turn-based-battles since its launch in 2018 . If you’re yet to try it, then you can find it available to download right now from the Amazon Appstore, iOS App Store and Google Play Store. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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