With The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross having reached its 6-month anniversary and amassed over 20 million downloads, Netmarble has decided to celebrate with a major in-game event. Until the end of September, a host of new items, characters, and features will be available.

The two new characters are SSR "Virtual Body Doubles" Lostvayne Meliodas and SSR [The Ten Commandments] Fraudrin of Selflessness.

The former is a powerful hero with the ability to boost card grades when targeted by a critical hit. Both characters can be earned via the Draw of Half Anniversary Event, though you'll also be able to obtain Fraudrin of Selflessness as a reward for beating a special mission.

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An all-new boss battle featuring the heroes of the seven catastrophes has also been added. If you're able to survive, you can then progress to the Awakened Lillia Disaster Battle, which is a two-player battle mode that consists of three difficulty levels. This is where you'll be able to earn Disaster Medals.

These can then be used to unlock prizes such as the SSR [Doombringer] Mage Lillia, a Part 2 SSR Draw Ticket, UR Costumes designed by Nakaba Suzuki, and more.

Those are just about all of the major highlights, though there's plenty more to get stuck into over the next month. If you fancy giving it a go, you'll find The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross available for download now as a free-to-play game from both the App Store and Google Play.

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