While playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons you will, like many players, be rushing around your island trying to collect every single insect in the game in order to make some quick money, and fill up the Museum was fascinating exhibits. I respect the hustle, honestly.

Which is why I have to deliver to you some a full list of every single bug in Animal Crossing: New Horizon's Critterpedia, so you can easily see at a glance how to find those bugs missing from your Museum, and find out which bugs are worth the most money so you can get a tidy profit from Nook's Cranny.

Keep in mind, bug hunting is especially lucrative when Flick is in town. He will pay a premium price for all bugs you bring to him, in addition to crafting you unique and special bug models in exchange for three of the desired insect. Not bad at all.

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Now that's out of the way, see below for a full list of every single insect in the game. This list is not yet entirely complete with prices, but a big thanks go out to the contributors on the Animal Crossing Wiki for helping us fill out this list.

Name Price Location Time Months: North Hem/South Hem
 Common Butterfly 160  Flowers 4am-7pm  Sept-Jun / Mar-Dec 
 Yellow Butterly 160  Flying  4am-7pm Mar-Oct / Mar-Dec 
 Tiger Butterfly 240  Flying  4am-7pm  Mar-Sept / Sept-Mar 
 Peacock Butterfly 2500  Rare flowers  4am-7pm  Mar-Jun / Sept-Dec 
 Common Bluebottle 300 Flying  4am-7pm  Apr-Aug / Oct-Feb 
 Paper Kite Butterfly 1000  Flying  8am-7pm  Apr-Aug / Oct-Feb 
 Great Purple Emperor 3000 Flying  4am-7am  May-Aug / Nov-Feb 
 Monarch Butterfly 140  Flying  4am-5pm  Sept-Nov / Mar-May 
 Emperor Butterfly 4000  Flying  5pm-8am  Jun-Mar / Jun-Mar 
 Agrias Butterfly 3000  Flying  8am-5pm  Apr-Sept / Oct-Mar 
 Rajah Brooke's Birdwing 2500  Rare flowers  8am-5pm  Dec-Sept / Jun-Mar 
 Queen Alexandra's Birdwing 4000  Flying  8am-4pm  May-Sept / Nov-Apr 
 Moth 130  Lights  7pm-4am  All / All 
 Atlas Moth 3000 Trees  7pm-4am  Apr-Sept / Oct-Mar 
 Madagascan Sunset Moth 2500  Flying  8am-4pm  Apr-Sept / Oct-Mar 
 Long Locust  200  Grass  8am-7pm  Apr-Nov / Oct-May 
 Migratory Locust 200  Grass  8am-7pm  Aug-Nov / Feb-May 
 Rice Grasshopper 1600  Grass  8am-7pm  Aug-Nov / Feb-May 
 Grasshopper 160  Grass  8am-5pm  Jul-Sept / Jan-Mar 
 Cricket 130  Grass  5pm-8am  Sept-Nov / Mar-May 
 Bell Cricket  430 Grass  5pm-8am  Sept-Nov / Mar-May 
 Mantis 430  Flowers  8am-5pm  Mar-Nov / Sept-Apr 
 Orchid Mantis 2400  Flowers  8am-5pm  Mar-Nov / Sept-May 
 Honeybee 200  Flowers  8am-5pm  Mar-Jul / Sept-Jan 
 Wasp 2500  Shake trees  All  All / All 
 Brown Cicada 250  Trees  8am-5pm  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Robust Cicada 300 Trees  8am-5pm  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Giant Cicada 500 Trees  8am-5pm  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Walker Cicada 400  Trees  8am-4pm  Aug-Sept / Feb-Mar 
 Evening Cicada 550 Trees  4am-8am / 4pm-7pm  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Cicada Shell 10 Trees  All  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Red Dragonfly 180  Flying  8am-7pm  Sept-Oct / Mar-Apr 
 Darner Dragonfly 230  Flying  8am-5pm  Apr-Oct / Oct-Apr 
 Banded Dragonfly 230  Flying  8am-5pm  May-Oct / Nov-Apr 
 Damselfly 500  Flying  All  Nov-Feb / May-Aug 
 Firefly 300  Freshwater  7pm-4pm  June / Dec 
 Mole Cricket 500  Underground   All Nov-May / May-Nov 
 Pondskater 130  Pond/River 8am-7pm  May-Sept / Nov-Mar 
 Diving Beetle 800  Pond/River 8am-7pm  May-Sept / Nov-Mar 
 Giant Water Bug 2000 Pond/River 7pm-8am  Apr-Sept / Oct-Mar 
 Stinkbug 120  Flowers  All  Mar-Oct / Sept-Apr 
 Man-faced Stink Bug 1000  Flowers  7pm-8am  Mar-Oct / Sept-Apr 
 Ladybug 200  Flowers  8am-5pm  Mar-Oct / Apr-Dec 
 Tiger Beetle 1000  Grass  All  Feb-Oct / Sept-Mar 
 Jewel Beetle 2400 Trees  All  Apr-Aug / Oct-Feb 
 Citrus Long-horned Beetle 350  Tree stumps  All  All / All 
 Rosalia Batesi Beetle 3000  Tree stumps  All  May-Sept / Nov-Mar 
 Blue Weevil Beetle 800 Trees  All  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Violin Beetle 450  Trees  All  May-Nov / Nov-May 
 Dung Beetle 2500 Grass  All Dec-Feb / Jan-Mar 
 Earth-boring Dung Beetle 300  Grass  All  Jul-Sept / Jan-Mar 
 Scarab Beetle 10000 Trees  11pm-8am  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Drone Beetle 200  Trees  All  Jun-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Goliath Beetle 8000 Trees  5pm-8am  Jun-Sept / Dec-Apr 
 Saw Stag 2000 Trees  All  July-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Miyama Stag 1000 Trees  All  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Giant Stag 10000 Trees  11pm-8am  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Rainbow Stag 6000 Trees  7pm-8am  Jun-Sept / Dec-Mar 
 Cyclommatus Stag 8000 Trees  5pm-8am  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Golden Stag 12000 Trees  5pm-8am  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Giraffe Stag 12000 Trees  5pm-8am  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Horned Dynastid 1350 Trees 5pm-8am Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb
 Horned Atlas 8000 Trees 5pm-8am Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb
 Horned Elephant 8000 Trees 5pm-8am  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb
 Horned Hercules 12000 Trees 5pm-8am Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb
 Walking Stick 600 Trees  4am-8am / 5pm-7pm Jul-Nov / Jan-May
 Walking Leaf 600 Ground All Jul-Sept / Jan-Mar
 Bagworm 600 Shake trees All All / All
 Ant 80 Rotten fruit All All / All
 Hermit Crab 1000 Beach 7pm-8am All / All
 Wharf Roach 200 On shore rocks All All / All
 Fly 60 Rotten fruit All All / All
 Mosquito 130 Flying 5pm-4am  Jun-Sept / Dec-Mar
 Flea 70  On villagers  All  Apr-Nov / Oct-May 
 Snail 250  On rocks while raining All All / All 
 Pill Bug 250  Hit rocks  11pm-4pm  Sept-Jun / Mar-Dec 
 Centipede 430  Hit rocks  5pm-11pm  Sept-Jun / Mar-Dec 
 Spider 600  Shake trees  7pm-8am  All / All 
 Tarantula 8000  Ground  7pm-8am  All / All 
 Scorpion 8000 Ground  7pm-4am  May-Oct / Nov-Apr 

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