We have been working incredibly hard in our attempt to catch every single fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and believe me, it's a tough challenge indeed. Worse yet is the challenge to catch 100 fish in a row without failing, in order to receive Nook Miles. I'm never going to get that, I'm too trigger-happy...

But if you're filling out your Critterpedia and fish collection for the Museum, or just making some quick bells, fishing is a great way to do that, and with our full list of every single fish in the game, prices and locations included, you're sure to reel in a storm of scaly creatures that you can sell for a high price.

This is especially true when CJ is in town, as he will give you many more bells for fish than those wee lads at Nook's Cranny. He'll even craft you unique fish models, in exchange for three of whatever creature you have a model of. Not bad at all.

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Now that's out of the way, see our full list of every fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons below. This list isn't entirely complete with full prices quite yet, but a big thanks go out to the Animal Crossing Wiki contributors for helping us fill this list out.

Name Price Location Time Months: North Hem/South Hem
 Bitterling 900  River  All  Nov-Mar / May-Sept 
 Pale Chub 200  River  9am-4pm  All / All 
 Crucian Carp 160  River  All  All / All 
 Dace 240  River  4pm-9am  All / All 
 Carp 300  Pond  All   All / All 
 Koi 4000  Pond  4pm-9am  All / All 
 Goldfish 1300  Pond  All  All / All 
 Pop-eyed Goldfish 1300  Pond  9am-4pm  All / All 
 Ranchu Goldfish 4500  Pond  9am-4pm  All / All 
 Killifish 300 Pond All  Apr-Aug / Oct-Feb 
 Crawfish 200  Pond  All  Apr-Sept / Oct-Mar 
 Soft-shelled Turtle 3750  River  4pm-9am  Aug-Sept / Feb-Mar 
 Snapping Turtle 5000  River  9pm-4am  Apr-Oct / Oct-Apr 
 Tadpole 100  Pond  All  Mar-July / Sept-Jan 
 Frog 120 Pond All May-Aug / Nov-Feb
 Freshwater Goby 400 River 4pm-9am All / All
 Loach 400 River All Mar-May / Sept-Nov
 Catfish 800  Pond  4pm-9am  May-Oct / Nov-Apr 
 Giant Snakehead 5500 Pond  9am-4pm  May-Aug / Nov-Feb 
 Bluegill 180  River  9am-4pm  All / All 
 Yellow Perch 300  River  All  Oct-Mar / Apr-Sept 
 Black Bass 400  River  All  All / All 
 Tilapia 800  River  All  Jun-Oct / Dec-Apr 
 Pike 1800  River  All  Sept-Dec / Mar-Jun 
 Pond Smelt 320 River  All  Dec-Feb / Jun-Aug 
 Sweetfish 900  River  All  Jul-Sept / Dec-Mar 
 Cherry Salmon 1000  Clifftop river  All  Mar-Nov / Sept-May 
 Char 3800  River  4pm-9am  Mar-Nov / Sept-May 
 Golden Trout 15000  Clifftop river  4pm-9am  Mar-Nov / Sept-May 
 Stringfish 15000  Clifftop river  4pm-9am  Dec-Mar / Jun-Sept 
 Salmon 700  River mouth  All  Sept / March 
 King Salmon 1800  River mouth  All  Sept / March 
 Mitten Crab 2000  River  4pm-9am  Sept-Nov / Mar-May 
 Guppy 1300  River  9am-4pm  Apr-Nov / Oct-May 
 Nibble Fish 1500  River  9am-4pm  May-Sept / Nov-Apr 
 Angelfish 3000  River 4pm-9am  May-Oct / Nov-Apr 
 Betta 2500  River  9am-4pm  May-Sept / Nov-Mar 
 Neon Tetra 500  River  9am-4pm  Apr-Nov / Oct-May 
 Rainbowfish 800  River  9am-4pm  May-Oct / Nov-Apr 
 Piranha 2500  River  9am-4pm / 9pm-4am  Jun-Sept / Dec-Mar 
 Arowana 10000  River  4pm-9am  Jun-Sept / Dec-Mar 
 Dorado 15000  River  4am-9pm  Jun-Sept / Dec-Mar 
 Gar 6000  Pond  4pm-9am  Jun-Sept / Dec-Mar 
 Arapaima 10000  River  4pm-9am   Jun-Sept / Dec-Mar
 Saddled Birchir 4000  River  9pm-4am  Jun-Sept / Dec-Mar 
 Sturgeon 10000  River mouth  All  Sept-Mar / Mar-Sept
 Sea Butterfly 1000  Sea  All  Dec-Mar / Jun-Sept 
 Seahorse 1100  Sea  All  Apr-Nov / Oct-May 
 Clownfish 650  Sea  All  Apr-Sept / Oct-Mar 
 Surgeonfish 1000  Sea  All  Apr-Sept / Oct-Mar 
 Butterfly Fish 1000  Sea  All  Apr-Sept / Oct-Mar 
 Napoleonfish 10000  Sea  4am-9pm  Jul-Aug / Jan-Feb 
 Zebra Turkeyfish  500 Sea  All  Apr-Nov / Oct-May 
 Blowfish 5000  Sea  9pm-4am  Nov-Feb / May-Aug 
 Puffer Fish 250  Sea  All  Jul-Sept / Jan-Mar 
 Anchovy 200  Sea  4am-9pm  All / All 
 Horse Mackerel 150  Sea  All  All / All 
 Barred Knifejaw 5000  Sea  All  Mar-Nov / Sept-May 
 Sea Bass 400  Sea  All  All / All 
 Red Snapper 3000  Sea  All  All / All 
 Dab 300  Sea  All  Oct-Apr / Apr-Oct 
 Olive Flounder 800  Sea  All  All / All 
 Squid 500  Sea  All  Dec-Aug / Jun-Feb 
 Moray Eel 2000  Sea  All  Aug-Oct / Feb-Apr 
 Ribbon Eel 600  Sea  All  Jun-Oct / Jan-Apr 
 Tuna 7000  Pier  All  Nov-Apr / May-Oct 
 Blue Marlin 10000  Pier  All  Jul-Apr / Jan-Oct 
 Giant Trevally 4500 Pier  All  May-Oct / Nov-Apr 
 Mahi-mahi 6000  Pier  All May-Oct / Nov-Apr 
 Ocean Sunfish 4000  Sea  4am-9pm  Jul-Sept / Jan-Mar 
 Ray 3000  Sea  4am-9pm  Aug-Nov / Feb-May 
 Saw Shark 12000  Sea  4pm-9am  Jun-Sept / Dec-Mar 
 Hammerhead Shark 8000  Sea  4pm-9am  Jun-Sept / Dec-Mar 
 Great White Shark 15000  Sea  4pm-9am  Jun-Sept / Dec-Mar 
 Whale Shark 13000  Sea  All  June-Sept / Dec-Mar 
 Suckerfish 1500  Sea  All  Jun-Sept / Dec-Mar 
 Football Fish 2500  Sea  4pm-9am  Nov-Mar / May-Sept 
 Oarfish 9000  Sea  All  Dec-May / Jun-Nov 
 Barreleye 15000  Sea  9pm-4am  All / All 
 Coelacanth  15000 Sea, raining  All  All / All 

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