Ah, hello hello. Have you been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons? If so then you probably have a lot of questions, daring questions, silly questions and important questions. You're probably also feeling the crushing weight of Tom Nook's extortionate loans, and reeling a little at the cost of developing a deserted island into an industrialised paradise.

Well, we've been knee-deep in New Horizons for almost two-weeks (at time of release) and we're avid fans of the series, so we're here to give you a hundred (okay, maybe not a hundred) tiny tips that you may or may not yet know about this year's feel-good release. And if we haven't answered your question by the end of the list, drop a comment below and we'll share the knowledge through our comments system.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the best form of digital escapism to date

Where other Animal Crossing games have started you out in a functioning, established town, New Horizons starts you with nothing. You'll go from tent to manor, and can oversee everything from bridge building to terraforming. You'll oversee the location and growth of the shops and museum, and as you push onward you'll see special visitors come to make your island their home. 

It's not just the journey that you go on which has changed either, many items in the game can be made using DIY recipes, and there's plenty of ways to grab new recipes on a daily basis. Even the tools of previous games are now craftable, but that means that some of them break when used a lot. You'll need to manage resources and know where your nearest crafting bench is in order to keep digging, fishing and more.

So, click on through the big button below in order to head into our tips list - and remember, if there's a question we haven't answered (about Animal Crossing: New Horizons - we can't explain Blockchain or the intricacies of Brain Surgery) then drop it in the comments below and we'll answer it for you.

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