Call of Duty Warzone has finally landed on console and PC, bringing Modern Warfare's brand new 150 player battle royale to absolutely everyone, for free. Of course, if you're a regular on Pocket Gamer, you will already have been playing a free Call of Duty game - Call of Duty Mobile.

The two games are vastly different battle royale experiences, with a fair few similarities. You'll still have familiar weapons, tacticals, and that classic Call of Duty gameplay, but Warzone is built for gaming on either console or PC, making it a much more intense experience, with a higher average skill level. Potentially scary.

But it is in the implementation of the two battle royale games that we see things we'd like to see in the other. The fact is, neither Call of Duty Mobile's battle royale nor Call of Duty Warzone is the perfect battle royale experience, and both of them have a thing or two to learn. I'm just sure no-one expected they could learn a thing or two from each other.

Both are different takes on battle royale, and both introduce elements that could improve the entire package. Here we've broken down how each of the experiences could be improved.

Whether you want your shooting to be at home or on the go, we want the best experience possible. And here is how both games can improve by learning from one another - just click through our list below...

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