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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is giving away 108 Recruitment opportunities for its 1.5 anniversary

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is giving away 108 Recruitment opportunities for its 1.5 anniversary

Sci-fi-themed RPG shooter Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is celebrating its 1.5 anniversary with a boatload of exciting content, with everything from free summons to new narratives. Boasting more than $528 million in revenue according to App Annie since its official launch, the game tasks you with battling through challenging combat scenarios across a post-apocalyptic world alongside beautifully designed NIKKEs - and here's everything you need to know to join in on all the fun.

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The story thus far…

After humanity plunged into chaos at the mercy of mysterious extraterrestrial forces, mankind was forced to rebuild their existence underground in the Ark. A group of humanoid weapons known as "Nikke" are soon awakened to resume the struggle on the surface overworld, and this time, you can look forward to a new story event called the "Last Kingdom" where you'll need to defend the Crown Kingdom from the Raptures with your last breath.

Along with this narrative comes a new Pilgrim character Crown (Tier-0 character), as well as a new character Kilo (Tier-0 character). You can also expect to dive into the 29-30 story chapter and see if you've got what it takes to take down the tyrant boss Indivilia.

Refreshing content and innovative gameplay

With the latest Last Kingdom storyline comes fresh content meticulously crafted by the R&D team working their magic behind the scenes. This not only includes visually stunning art materials for the 1.5 anniversary, but also an expansive 3D Field Map to explore. This comes along with a fully voiced plot event and Theme song as well (with Japanese rock band Queen Bee lending their musical prowess to create a brand new theme song for the game).

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You can also look forward to experiencing a tower defence mini-game called "For The King" to spice up the gameplay - a level of dedication you can expect from the team that has previously already collaborated with Chainsaw Man, NieR Automata and Re:ZERO.

The perfect time to join the bandwagon

Of course, no festivities would be complete without bountiful giveaways and freebies, with up to 108 free draws you can get during the 1.5 Anniversary. In fact, simply logging into the game from April 25th onwards will already reward you with 10 Advanced Recruit Vouchers plus the new SSR NIKKE Kilo.

From April 25th to May 15th, you can also expect to score a free summon once every day for the new pilgrim character Crown with the Crown Pick Up Recruitment. Additionally, you can nab 5 additional Advanced Recruit Vouchers when you log in on May 4th, with a whopping total of 108 Recruitment opportunities and three SSR NIKKE choice boxes with two SSR NIKKE, Kilo or Rei able to be drawn from those boxes across the event.

If that sounds like something you'd love to sink your teeth into, you can catch the exclusive English livestream on April 20th - you might even grab 22 Recruitment opportunities when you tune in, with exclusive 22 recruitment opportunities for anyone who watches the show. Plus, you can also stay tuned to the NIKKE Shooting Influencer Campaign on April 25th, as well as to the drama episode for NIKKE created by Webtoon Artist Taejoon Park (of "Lookism" fame).

NIKKE will also collaborate with notable influencers group, OFFLINE TV and Vshojo as part of the anniversary celebrations, allowing you to witness your favourite OTV stars clash in fierce battles, showcasing their NIKKE prowess. Featuring competitors from OTV including LiliPichu, the competition is something you won’t want to miss.

Another special live stream featuring vtubers from Vshojo will showcase case performances of NIKKE’s OST music with content creator of the year, ironmouse, set to feature along with GEEGA, Matara Kan, Zentreya, Projekt Melody, and Hime Hajime to enjoy immersive NIKKE music together.

You can discover everything you need to know on the official NIKKE website, or you can join the community of followers on Facebook to stay updated on all the latest developments.If you need help settling in, join Nikke's active Discord, check the Twitter account, and get tons of info from the game’s YouTube channel.

Since launch, NIKKE has earned a staggering $528,000,000 in revenue to date and has crossed over with a host of exciting game and anime series, such as: Chainsaw Man, NieR Automata and Re:ZERO. The game is developed by Shift Up, the studio behind the highly anticipated action-adventure game Stellar Blad, which will be one to watch when it launches for PlayStation on April 26th.