In a recent interview with Android Central, Eli Hodapp revealed that the mobile gaming subscription service, GameClub, would be making its way over to Android in late March. The service launched for iOS in October following an extensive early access period.

Since then a plethora of games have been added to the app, which aims to act as a form of preservation for titles that have long since vanished from mobile storefronts. This is usually because they are no longer financially viable for developers, so it's a well-meaning subscription for fans of these older mobile games alongside celebrating a developer's hard work. 

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So it's a little different from the other phone subscription services that are available at the moment like Apple Arcade. 'New' games are being added to the service very regularly, with recent additions including the likes of Inferno+, Potatoman Seeks the Troof and Snowball. For a full list of games available on the subscription, you can check the official website.

In the same interview with Android Central, Hodapp revealed that they have 100 games lined up to be released alongside the Android version of GameClub. He added that Breach & Clear and Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon would definitely be available at launch.

Things seem to be going well for GameClub so far. It's certainly performing better than Playond's short-lived subscription service. This is probably because it has a very involved fan-base who are frequently suggesting both games and improvements for the service. I certainly admire the mission statement of preserving classic titles of years gone by, I'm just not sure I'm overly keen on adding yet another subscription service to my growing collection.

GameClub is available now via the App Store whilst it'll be making its way over to Google Play later in March. You can join the mailing list now to be notified of when the game is available for Android. It's a subscription service that costs $4.99 with a month's free trial available to new subscribers.

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