Snowball! is pinball, but with snow. I mean it’s Christmas, so that sort of makes sense. It’s all wrapped up in a festive pixel art glow as well.

And the pinball itself is actually quite a lot of fun. It takes place over a number of screens, each with its own flippers, bouncers, and other pinbally accoutrements.

There are gems to collect as well. And a fire underneath the bottom flippers that’s ready to melt your snowballs should you mess up your flipping.

Cold balls

The basic shape of pinball is in place here. You bump out a ball to start things off, and then it ricochets around, pinging off things and into things and around things.

There’s a lot of pinging going on here is what I’m trying to say. The main draw is going to be the snowy aesthetic. Because quite frankly the game does look really rather lovely.

The controls are pretty simple. You tap on the left of the screen to move the flippers on the left side of the table, and the right to move the flippers on the right.

There are also extra bumpers on the table that you can use to redirect the ball. And swiping on the screen tilts the table a little if you’re in trouble.

You’ve got sets of obstacles to smash to unlock different parts of the map. There are multi-ball power-ups and all the sort of things you’d expect to see in a pinball game.

Basically you’re just chasing your high scores, climbing up the leaderboards, and trying to see what other things the game has to offer.

Pin this

There’s fun to be had here, especially if you’re a fan of pinball. But if you’re not, well it’s probably worth giving this one a miss.

But if you fancy a snowy ping ping experience to waste your time with over the holidays, then you’re going to be pretty happy with what Snowball! has to offer.