The latest gaming event to fall due to growing concerns surrounding the coronavirus is the Minecraft Festival in Orlando, Florida. The in-person celebration was supposed to take place in late September, a distant future so far off that tickets hadn't even gone on sale before the plug was pulled.

And that's definitely a good thing, mind; the stress of potentially having to refund everyone is a bullet well worth dodging if you possibly can. In fact, the tickets were originally supposed to go on sale today, Friday the 6th, so props to the organisers for acting swiftly.

This is far from the first gaming convention to be cancelled due to the coronavirus, but it's an interesting case when you consider that the outbreak could well have died down by the time September rolls around.

And so the specific reasoning behind the decision is that the outbreak cast significant doubt on whether the organisers would still able to organise such a sizable event with partners, producers, and exhibitors based "in all corners of the world".

Despite how far away September might seem, I imagine most folks – myself included – won't quite understand how much work and prep is required to put something of this scale together.

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And anyway, the event hasn't been full-on cancelled, per se, only postponed until next year. "That way, we can make sure that next year's event will be the amazing one that our community expects and deserves", says a blog post over on the game's official site.

Those who don't fancy waiting that long to start celebrating their love of all things Minecraft can instead tune into Minecraft Live, which is set to run as planned. A firm date is still to be confirmed.

If you're yet to experience the thrill of building your dream home only to have it blown to bits by creepers, you'll find Minecraft available for purchase now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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