2019 is dead and buried, and the new year, 2020, still has that cotton-fresh smell to it. How better to celebrate seeing off a ram-packed year than by flexing our collective brain-muscles back into activity after all that turkey and downtime? It's Pocket Gamer's big quiz of the year - 2019 edition.

This year Pocket Gamer is partaking in the great British tradition of the pub quiz. Well, except that we're not going down the pub, we're posting it online. You can feel free to crack open a beer if you like, or you can even use this to prop up your first new year's office meeting or to pad out your local pub quiz. We're not proud, and you're very welcome.

For our big quiz we've chosen twenty moments from throughout the last year to focus on. They're all stories that we've covered here on the website, as and when they happened, so regular readers should breeze it. There's a couple of tricky ones in there, so it won't be a walk in the park, but the majority of them are just plain and simple questions, with plain and simple answers. The perfect way to prove that you've been paying attention all along.

You can find the start of the questions through the big blue button below, and if you're stuck, curious or finished then you can find all of the answers on the very last page of the post.

If you've found it all a little bit too easy, or far too hard, then let us know down in the comments - or tell us on Twitter. If this is something that you enjoy then we can definitely run them more often. They're certainly a lot of fun to put together, and they give us the chance to talk about some of our favourite stories from the year.