We've written about a fair few of Bart Bonte's wonderful little titles, but our favourites are definitely his colour puzzler series. BLUE is the latest entry

Yellow, Red, and Black have had us all puzzling over the years. The games are simple in design and require no introduction — each level is solved by changing the entire screen into one colour, the colour that shares the name of the game.

I've embedded the trailer for Bart Bonte's previous title, Black, below. Regular readers will remember it as a nominee in the PG People's Choice Award earlier this year.

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The trailer clearly outlines Bonte's penchant to play with perception, something that fans of his work will know through the colour collection or through more recent releases like Factory Balls and Boo!, both of which are about painting objects through concealing components of them and dipping them in paint. That said, Yellow is the most downloaded Belgian-made mobile game, so there's plenty of reasons to have come across the developer's work.

Blue, while not including any paint dipping, requires you to tap away on certain parts of the screen to influence the changing of colours. There are 50 levels included, as is standard in the series, as well as an ad-powered hint system.

You can find Blue available for free over on the App Store, and on Google Play.

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Updated: Just as I went to set the article live there was a trailer released for Blue, I've embedded it below for you to have a quick look over. It might only be 32 seconds long, but it certainly explains the concept of the game well enough.

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