Stellaris: Galaxy Command is the latest game from Paradox Interactive and will, as the name implies, be based on the world of Stellaris. It'll bring sci-fi, multiplayer strategy for both iOS and Android where you can join the beta now if you live in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden.

The game is set after a devastating inter-dimensional invasion. The survivors and winners of this battle are now left to rebuild civilisation as best they can. Players will be given their own orbital space station in a galaxy that's persistent. But they'll have to forget alliances with other players if they want to succeed.

There certainly appears to be a huge focus on the building an empire side of the game as you might expect. Through the management of your space station, you'll be able to expand your station as well as conduct research into new tech to further expand your reach across the galaxy.

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Naturally, you'll also need to be up a powerful fleet to fight against those who oppose your ideals. You'll be able to increase the numbers of your fleet, equip them with new weapons you'll discover through research and team up with your allies to become an even more powerful force.

Another interesting aspect of the game will be the ethics system. This sounds like 'ethics' will be information that other players will be able to see and it will be affected based on your actions in-game. This could potentially mean if you frequently gun down innocents for no justifiable reason, then you'll become infamous for that.

Players in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden can join the beta over the App Store and Google Play. If you're from one of the many other places in the world, you can pre-register on their official site. Stellaris: Galaxy Command will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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