Well, 2019 is over and done with and goodness me I'm glad. I don't know about you lot but I've had a rough ride of a year and the hits just kept coming. I'm glad that it's over and done with and I'm also glad that years don't just cycle around like a jangling, nightmare carousel. Goodbye 2019, ya filthy animal.

All of that said, there was some good to come of the dying breaths of the last decade, and as we leave the awkward twenty-teenies behind and head into the roaring twenties, we have the perfect time to reflect on some of the biggest moments in mobile gaming which took place in 2019.

This isn't a new thing, of course, regular readers will remember that last year we reflected on the surge of battle royales, VR's wane, Infinity Blade's exit, Apple stepping up their App Store 'Today' section, and - of course - our own snazzy redesign.

As with each of those, the biggest five moments in mobile gaming of 2019 have completely shaken up the way we view mobile gaming, and they've seen us tip-toe toward the big gaming singularity - where our mobile devices are as capable of running big-bucks AAA games as those powerhouse PCs which many of us have tucked away at home.

2018 was the year where we sobbed at the funeral of Infinity Blade - our first taste of AAA, mobile-exclusive gaming, but 2019 saw the duality of mobile, console and PC continue with the evolution of the battle royale. Fortnite and PUBG continue to make headlines, and there are certainly a few other titles which have made claims toward their thrones.

Of course, the fact that we're mentioning them above means that we're definitely not mentioning them in the list. That said, if you do get through our list and think that we've missed a massive moment then do drop us a comment below, or ping us a message on our Twitter.

Anyway, click on through below and that's us out for 2019 - unless you're reading through this in the future. With this momentous (for better or worse) year behind us, let's look ahead toward 2020, which will inevitably include just as many surprises.

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