Updated on: September 8th, 2021

Narrative adventure games are games that have a story with them, some sort of text or dialogue that drives the player, captivates them, to ensure that they stick and relate to the story, wanting to follow it out to the end. I have already compiled a list of the best text-based adventure games, and though this list will touch on a few of them, it will be different in the way that it includes games where there are more visiual effects. 

Narrative adventure games are quite fun to play around in, especially if you are looking for longer mobile games that will hook you in with something more than the feeling of wanting to play one more level or the feeling of wanting to continue until you have hit the next major milestone in the game.

From adventures with swipey mechanics, to games that start out as a simple clicker game that evolve into something much more, to choose your own adventure tales, there are plenty of solid choices out there if you’re looking for a top-notch game that tells a memorable story. Often these stories will stick with you, much longer than a game from the hyper-casual or arcade genres, which can be quite a nice feeling if you have been able to dive into it and understand various points of views! Here are ten fantastic narrative adventures to take you to a world well worth spending your time in.

Original list by Jessica Famularo, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.