Updated June 24, 2021 

We typically associate the strategy genre with PC and even mobile platforms. But Switch? That's all kart racers and platformers, isn't it?

This misconception is why'd we feel the need to make a tactical intervention. Because there's a formidably strong roster of strategy games available on the eShop.

As you'd expect, that includes a number of Advance Wars-style games, not to mention representation by Nintendo's own Fire Emblem series. But there are also a fair few indie roguelikes, some particularly deep management simulators, and even a few of those hardcore PC series.

The one thing all of these games share in common is that they place tactical play at their core. You'll need to engage your brains for all of these games - button mashers and action fiends need not apply.

We're constantly updating and reappraising these lists, so do share if your own favourite Switch strategy game isn't on the list. We'll figure out a strategy for cramming it on in future.

Original story by Ric Cowley, update by Jon Mundy