Updated January 27, 2021: Original story by Ric Cowley, update by Jon Mundy

Strategy games have typically been associated with the PC world. Consoles traditionally lacked the processing power, nuanced input mechanisms, and hardcore audience to fully do this cerebral genre justice.

Now we take our gaming wherever we can get, often on portable devices with enough processing power to plot and execute a real life space mission.

The strategy genre itself is no longer the stuffy preserve of office chair generals, but a rich and varied scene that's adopted a variety of influences from other, less intimidating genres.

As a result, the Nintendo Switch is home to a whole bunch of brilliant strategy games. And what a varied bunch they are too, from hardcore PC ports to bright and breezy originals.

In fact, we've doubtless left a bunch of fine strategy games off the following list of 25. If you feel we've overlooked a particular title, plot a course to our comments section below.