Love them or hate them, every well intended match 3 puzzler has one simple aim at its core. And when that aim is to create a simple, fun and addictive experience, you can’t really argue when they get it right.

Critics might sneer that it’s a genre that’s been done to death, but with recent successes like Bubble Witch 3 and Rio Match 3 Party, there’s still plenty of life left for match-3 puzzlers - especially those that look to do things differently, or simply take a good thing and aim to make it even better.

Providing a challenging-but-not-too-stressful experience, Tasty Treats aims to do both by innovating its gameplay beyond the standard high score, level clearing fare by adopting multi-stage formats and unique combinations to gain boosts and special rewards.

There are lots of cute touches added across the games 200 levels, like clearing a path for the Fairy character trying to make her way home to her grandmother – so there’s plenty of sweetness to be found besides the games sugary treats.

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We spoke to publisher to find out what they think makes Tasty Treats stand out from the crowd.

What do you feel Tasty Treats offers that's different to other match-3 puzzlers?

We, at believe Tasty Treats brings a smooth user experience that's easy to familiarize with. Also, the design is specifically crafted to hit users' emotions at specific moments and specific ways through the treats, characters and quests inside the game. We have also included quest-like levels with unique pathways that bring the superficial gameplay of a regular 3-match game to a higher level.

There's a real emphasis on challenges, what competitive elements have been brought to the game?

Tasty Treats comes with weekly challenges that help fill in those gaps in time during the day when the user has lost their lives, helping them to gain more boosters, bonuses, etc. Our team is constantly developing and testing new daily or weekly challenges, as well as temporary competitive modes in the game. Our latest challenge is the Lemonade Stand, where users compete globally to collect as many lemons as they can with a certain amount of moves, as well as take part in a global ranking to be able to win specific in-game prizes.

Can we expect to see regular updates to Tasty Treats?

Tasty Treats will be regularly updated every 2 weeks to add more levels and fun to our users' experience. However, expect some delays if our team decides to include a major shift in the game, to ensure its functioning correctly and we can offer a high-quality experience.

Which part of the game are you personally the most proud of and why?

I believe Tasty Treats has an innovative twist that appeals to user's emotions along with simple gameplay and detailed animation, making it a unique addition to the 3-match category. Tasty Treats is a creation from the developers of Jolly Jam, a team of roughly 40 people. Jolly Jam was distributed by Rovio and globally featured on the main page for both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Tasty Treats is available to download right now on the App Store and Google Play.