"Winter is coming," as any Game Of Thrones fan knows. And with the end of the year fast approaching, what better way to get into the festive spirit than celebrating the cold with some snow-bound games?

The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting icier, and the underpants are getting more thermal. It only makes sense to stay in your comfy home, and experience the treacherous outdoors through the virtual medium of your mobile device. So here's your list of the 15 best winter-themed games!

We've excluded any that are specifically about Christmas of course - you've got all that elf and Santa nonsense to look forward to in December.


Developed By: PlayRaven. Available On: iOS / Android

Winterstate takes place in post-apocalyptic America, where raiders rule most of the land with their fleets of deadly vehicles. Until you come along and build your own team and start taking back territory from the savages.

There are five different vehicle classes in this strategy title, from a little machine gun-wielding car to full-blown tanks. Strategy is everything in Winterstate - but every level has a timer running against you, ramping up the tension.

The more territories you take, the more resource-producing buildings you acquire. And you'll need all you can get for trading and upgrading your vehicles.

Alto's Adventure

Developed By: Snowman. Available On: iOS / Android

We adored this game when it came out last year. Its fundamentals are straightforward: snowboard down the mountain, collect coins (as well as escaped llamas) and do tricks for points.

The day changes as you ride, which is a simple but effective feature, and you get three challenges to complete as you play. Once you finish 'em you get three more, meaning you’ll always have something to do in this endless runner.

Skiing Yeti Mountain

Developed By: Featherweight Games. Available On: iOS / Android

This quirky pixel art game starts on top of a mountain. You are challenged to hit flags on the way down, whilst avoiding the trees and wildlife.

Skiing Yeti Mountain has a story which gradually unfolds across the 800 (!) included levels. And as well as the tale, the quicker you complete a level the more experience you get. This XP is used to upgrade your character's aesthetics, from jet black skis to solid gold helmets.


Developed By: Static Oceans Corporation. Available On: iOS / Android

Now, there really is no shortage of games on any app store that let you ski down a mountain. But there is a shortage that let you pay penguins to dig tunnels for you. And ski.

The aim of Dudeski is to hurtle down the mountain, collect pine cone cash, avoiding trees and yetis and staying ahead of the wall of snow behind you. You can even grab onto an escaping helicopter for a bonus challenge. Obviously Dudeski doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Snowboard Party 2

Developed By: Ratrod Studio Inc. Available On: iOS / Android

Snowboard Party 2 is a far more realistic snowboarding game than some mentioned on this list. This is clear from the crisper graphics, realistic tricks and snowboarding lingo.

You get four different modes: Freestyle, Time Attack, Halfpipe and Big Air. Each level also has five challenges, like score a set number of points, collect the letters to make a word or slide around specific obstacles.

Icy Ropes

Developed By: PlaySide. Available On: iOS

One of the newest games on this list is Icy Ropes, released so far exclusively to iOS. You take control of two characters bound together by rope as you try and climb a series of icy pillars. Simple?

Not so simple. Jumping from cliff to cliff is a genuine challenge.

There are over 100 different characters to unlock, which are randomly given out of a chest. When you gather enough coins you can spend your hard-earned cash on a mystery box, which contains a random character pairing.

iStunt 2

Developed By: Miniclip. Available On: iOS / Android

In iStunt 2, death lurks around every corner and only the most skilful and brave will survive. It's a gravity-defying snowboarding side-scroller where you simply twist your little hipster in the air to perform tricks.

Gameplay utilises the angle of your landing to determine how fast you will go, in other words matching the degree of the slope with the angle of your board propels you forward at speed. Best of all later levels require you to avoid giant saw blades and fly through reverse gravity fields - those common Alpine resort problems - all while performing tricks to get points.

Rat On A Snowboard

Developed By: Donut Games. Available On: iOS / Android

Donut Games is famous for its "Rat on" series. This snowy edition brings something new to the aprés ski lodge. Yes you guessed it - exploding meatballs.

Rat On A Snowboard is made up of three modes: Speedy Slopes, Challenges and Exploding Meatballs. Two of these modes are endless, so potentially the fun never stops. Challenges is the exception with 50 specially-designed tracks to conquer, and Donut Games’ ranking system means you'll want to replay every level to chase scores.

Blocky Roads Winterland
Developed By: Dogbyte Games Kft. Available On: iOS / Android

This game’s a spin-off from Blocky Roads, that successful 2D side-scrolling driving game. The aim is to speed down three different tracks and collect all your farm animals. They’ve escaped y’see.

As well as ensuring you don’t flip your car, you also need to keep a sharp eye on the fuel gauge. Winterland can teach you the value of fuel economy and animal welfare all whilst collecting coins. See, it’s educational. The more coins you collect the more features you can upgrade, improving stability, power and fuel efficiency.

Stickman Snowboarder
Developed By: Turbo Chilli Pty Ltd. Available On: iOS / Android

The Stickman series already boasts opportunities to ride BMX bikes and skateboards, but now the stickmen take to the sick slopes.

You need a set score to pass each level, which you achieve through performing tricks or collecting stars. You have to evade the cops by conquering a mixture of different terrains, including ski slopes, cable cars and roof tops. “Rad,” we imagine.

Ice Rage

Developed By: Mountain Sheep. Available On: iOS / Android

Perhaps one of the simplest games on this list could actually be one of the funniest. It’s a top-down hockey sim. You can take on a friend (on the same device), or assuming you’re a friendless loner you can take on the computer.

Single player offers three modes; Quick Match, Tournament and Rage-Off. The goalkeeper is fully automated in the most basic settings but if you’re feeling adventurous, then up the difficulty level and take total control.

Playman Winter Games

Developed By: Mr Goodliving. Available On: iOS / Android

Five events make up this cartoon-like sports sim. Choose your favourite from 12 different characters and work together with friends or separately to beat the challenges. The highlight is tournament mode, where you compete to get closer to the front of the pack.

Playman gives you an opportunity to improve your response time, with most mini games entirely reaction based. It’s not just enough to react quickly; you also need to be accurate. Any misplaced inputs or slow responses are penalised with a decrease in speed.

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build

Developed By: Alan Hazelden. Available On: iOS / Android

Finally, a puzzle game makes its way into our frozen hall of fame. And it’s a corker at that.

You’ve got yourself a series of interconnected gardens and you need to build some snowmen. You can build ‘em with three balls of snow; a small one for the head, a medium for the chest and a big one for the base. Nice.

But it’s not that simple. Without a smidge of forward planning you’ll end up rolling only large balls, which don’t deliver a good standard of snowman construction.

Roller Polar

Developed By: Nitrome. Available On: iOS / Android

Take control of a small polar bear (awww!) dodging obstacles from atop a giant snow boulder (erm, ouch?).

A polar bear has many natural enemies… but in Roller Polar the enemies are more unnatural. Like snowmen. You have to jump over them, and rocks and trees, otherwise they screw with your boulder’s path. Time your jumps wrong, and you’ve got birds to contend with as well. Sad times for your polar pal.

Snowboarding The Fourth Phase

Developed By: Red Bull Media House. Available On: iOS / Android

Unlike the ubiquitous side-scrolling sims out there, this one introduces a fantastic drone-cam viewing angle. Fantastic 3D mountain views ensue as you shred the slopes in the company of snowboard legend Travis Rice.

You’ll stomp tricks, collect gear to customize your character, build a basecamp, upgrade your drones and more. It’s set in real world locations in the British Columbian mountains and Alaska.

Have you got a favourite winter game, and did it make the list? Let us know in the comments below.